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The BioMechanics COVID-19 Response

The health and wellness of our patients and employees is our top priority. In the coming days, common sense dictates we take a pro-active stance concerning our health. This will mean something different for each of us. If you are considered high risk or feel ill, then remain home, and follow CDC guidelines, which includes minimizing contact with the public. For others, following the CDC guidelines of regular hand washing, cleaning surfaces, and avoiding large gatherings will be sufficient.

The BioMechanics are taking every precaution to maintain a safe, clean, and healing environment. All equipment and areas of high traffic are sanitized between patient visits, and care providers are diligently washing hands as prescribed by the CDC. The BioMechanics Physical Therapy remains open and ready to serve our community during this difficult time and beyond. Thank you!


The BioMechanics

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine,

located in Prescott, Arizona is founded on the premise of providing quality individualized care to patients with a variety of needs.  If you have an orthopedic condition, a sports injury, neck or back pain, a need for custom foot orthotics, or a neurological condition our physical therapists will be able to care for your specific needs.  Our goal is to help you perform better… in your world!

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